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Security / damage deposit (returnable)

Your $600CAD ($500 security/damage plus $100 cleaning) deposit is all you need to secure your rental. That's all it takes, but it's first come first served, so don't delay. You can pay in either CAD or US funds and it will be returned in the same currency as received.  This $500 security deposit is over and above, and separate from the rental fee. The $100 cleaning fee is mandatory and will not be returned.


Paying your deposit by E-mail money transfer (preferred method)
Anyone with a Canadian bank account (the major banks) who has internet access to that account can send money as an interact e-mail money transfer to any other person who also has a Canadian account with internet access. Many of my quests have used this method. It is relatively new and only available in Canada. You will find it to be extremely useful, convenient and most importantly instantaneous. For those people that choose to send their deposit as an e-mail transfer, I will send the deposit back in the same way after your departure. E-mail money transfers can be sent directly to  A separate e-mail or phone call will be required to convey the answer to the secret question you will enact during the transfer.


Paying your deposit by Money Order, Bank Draft, or Cheque
Security deposits made by any of these methods are perfectly acceptable. Mailing address is given on the "CONTACT US" page.  Contact to obtain a name to place on the cheque.


Our aggreement
This $500CAD security/damage deposit is collected to ensure compliance with the Terms & Conditions of the Rental Agreement as described on this website. All or part of this deposit may be used for any damage, reasonable complaints from the neighbours, excessive cleaning required, cancellations or any other non-compliance with the Rental Agreement. This deposit is held for a maximum of one week past your check out time. If all is well, it will be promptly and happily returned to you.


Do not mis-represent yourselves
Mis-representing your party in order to be accepted as renters is taken very seriously and will not be accepted. In this case, you will not be given the keys to the home and will also forfeit your $500 to compensate for the lost revenue.


Paying the balance (the rental fee as posted on the home page schedule)
The balance (the actual cost of the rental) is not required until you show up on your check-in day. At that time, the full amount must be received in cash by myself or my representative to receive the keys.


It's very disappointing to have to cancel your vacation. I wouldn't want to add to that grief by trying to keep your $500 security deposit. Therefore, to minimize your grief the following cancellation rules will apply whether it is a single week, or multiple week rental:


Your $500 security deposit:
I will happily refund $400 of your security deposit if all of your weeks could be successfully rebooked.  Unfortunately, if there are any weeks at all that could not be rebooked you will forfeit the $500 security deposit to compensate for the lost revenue.


Your rental fee (the actual cost for your week/s):
If you have to cancel midway through any of your weeks, unfortunately there will be no refund of the rental fee for that week. For multiple week rentals where I am able to successfully rebook any unused weeks, I will happily give you a full refund of the full rental portion.

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