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Southcott is a quiet, private neighbourhood where people have come to retire or simply enjoy beach living without any of the hassles of the "big city". Everyone knows everyone else in cottage communities, and they keep an eye on each other’s property. Don’t be surprised if someone asks you who you are! Explain that you are guests of the owner. Your consideration of my place in the community will be appreciated by everyone, as Grand Bend is a very friendly place.


No loud parties or unreasonable noise is allowed, especially after 10:00 P.M. This home is 100% insulated with spray foam. As such, it is relatively air tight and noise proof. If you feel there is a chance of interior noise bothering the neighbours, close all the windows and enjoy the air conditioning.


Starting in 2015 a four hour ($100) cleaning service is now mandatory.  This fee is collected upfront with the $500 security/damage deposit.  Despite this, it is expected that the clients will make their best efforts to tidy up. Specifically washing all of the linens, but NOT making the beds.  If the condition of the home is such that it cannot be cleaned in 4 hours, deduction from the security deposit will occur.


Many sites will specify the maximum number of day guests, overnight guests, children, cars etc., and will threaten a surcharge if you exceed those numbers. This approach is neither enforceable or reasonable.  We are all adults and you know what kind of vacation you are looking for. I have described what kind of home and neighbourhood is being offered. Common sense will surely dictate if this is for you.


What I will say is, the home IS NOT REALLY BABY OR TODDLER SAFE OR EQUIPPED, nor is it WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE. Another association rule states that there are no tents allowed and this is being strictly enforced now. Please do not even bring a tent unless it is solely for the beach during the day.


Will not be tolerated in the home at all. Nor will throwing butts on the property or of any neighbours property. Doing so will forfeit $100 from your damage deposit to pay for someone to clean it all up. While I cannot really say or enforce no smoking on the property, I can say that none of the neighbours smoke so please be considerate of this fact.


Securing your items
You will be provided two keys on caribiners that you can clip to your belt or bag for the home.  They are specifically for the front door only.


Another single key is provided for the garage and side basement door.  Therefore you will access to the garage, which is almost empty for all your belongings (bikes, toys, beach stuff etc.).


You would expect this section to be under the restrictions, but this home is dog friendly. I understand completely that little FIDO is a family member and has every right to go on vacation with you. Cats will be a problem once you leave, due to allergies.


Please keep your pet and those of your guests on a leash, or near you at all times. Do not allow your pet to disturb the neighbours. Specifically, do not leave your pet on the deck when you are out if there is any chance he/she will bark in your absence.  Your efforts to “stoop & scoop” will be appreciated by the owners and the next guests. Failure to do so may result in a reduction from your security deposit. People are considerate here, and they surely notice someone who is not.


Dogs on the beach
Dogs are not allowed before 8PM on any town beach north or south of the pier. They are also not allowed on any of the private beaches expanding out from there including Southcott’s Sun Beach.


The property has plenty of space for 8 cars. There is also plenty of room to bring just about any sized boat trailer. A vehicle guest pass will be provided to you for use in Southcott’s private beach lots. This will make it much easier if you have a lot of items to take to the beach each day.

Please ensure to LEAVE BEHIND THE PARKING PASS on the kitchen counter.  A $25 charge will apply for a lost pass as that is what Southcott charges for each replacement.

Garbage disposal and recyclelables
All garbage must be disposed of properly, or you'll quickly be overwhelmed by uninvited, furry guests.


Southcott is now on a wheelie bin collection system for both recyclables and garbage. It is expected that the bins are kept behind the garage and not visible from the road.  Both containers are very large and there will be some left over material from previous guests.  Detailed instructions for the system are on the container lids and it is imperative that both bins make it to roadside early Tuesday morning.


Do not leave your loose garbage outside ever. If you leave it outside you will definitely have a very large mess to clean up in the morning.


In cottage country, there is an over-abundance of insects and creepy-crawlies. For this reason, this homes exterior is professionally treated with a non-toxic chemical virtually eliminating this nuisance. To discourage flying insects, please do not leave the exterior pot lights on unnecessarily, as the bugs will swarm them.


Forgot your stuff ?
Please remember to take all of your personal items when you check out. However, if you have forgotten anything, don't panic. I will safely hold any found items for you and work with you to have them returned.


Check in / Check out times
Check out is at 11AM and Check in is at 4PM. Please adhere to this schedule in order that there be sufficient time for any cottage maintenance and preparation for the next cottage guests. Please ensure that BOTH KEYS ARE LEFT ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER. You do not need to lock the home upon leaving. A $20 deduction will be applied for each lost key.

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